Mortal Danger - Ann Aguirre

I really liked Enclave and I hoped this series would be just as good. 
Even though the story could have been great, since it had all the necessary elements, something just didn't connect for me.


In the end, I was left with this feeling:
-Edie might have been very smart, but it didn't come through. It felt a bit forced. So she likes nerdy stuff and she is good at physics. (Apparently, since the only thing I heard her say that was physics related was 'Einstein', but I'll take it in good faith.) 
-Kian might have been great as a boyfriend, but he felt almost cowardly and a bit bland. He was sweet though. But his wishes were wasted! Why ask for a car? Even if it was a nice car, it's just not worth it in the end, unless you plan on asking for the insurance, taxes and damage costs that are gonna happen inevitably!
-Her friends weren't around long enough to feel anything for them. (Except maybe for "the girl whose name starts with a D and I can't be bothered to look it up at the moment".) To be honest, no one was around long enough to really like them. Not even her boyfriend. 
-If I was one of the bad guys I would have found 50 ways to make her spend those wishes by chapter 12. What were those guys waiting for and what's the point of having bad guys with no restrictions and almost superpowers and heroes with no real advantage in any domain??
-And that brings me to the mind-boggling number of villains and potential villains! Why?? Every other person was out to get her. I actually think there were more bad guys than good overall. Even counting the cameo characters.


[spoiler]And the initial bad guys were taken out almost randomly by supernatural bad guys, for no apparent reason. Seriously, what was the end game? And what was even amusing about Edie's choices?



[spoiler]And then there is the mother. She is almost like a robot for half the book and then suddenly she turns into this great mom, only to die in two freaking chapters!! WTH! That was so random I can't even begin to make sense of it. Normally that would be a very moving part, since mothers dying always gets to me, but this time I had only just started to think of the mother as someone other than a guest. I did feel for Edie and her dad, but still... Random!!! 



The story has good potential and the characters could use some work, but they are not lost causes. I will try the second book, but if things don't start to evolve more naturally I'm quitting.  

I hope for a better encore.