Scarlet - Marissa Meyer

I'm on a roll!!!! Seriously this is the second amazing book I've finished in the last 24 hours!
It was really amazing though! :D
I don't even know which character I love more anymore! The multiple points of view give you the opportunity to see how everyone looks at the situation. You can connect better with everyone and there are no major leads anymore for me! Everyone is equally important and I would be equally pissed if anything were to happen to any of them! (So it had better not happen!)

The people you already know from Cinder keep taking up a big part of the book, but we see less of Kai here and there are quite a few new people coming to join Cinder in her endeavors! 

First of all Scarlet. Not at all what I had imagined, but still her jumping onto the tavern counter to yell at the people for being cruel and jerks as well as the picture of her pointing a shotgun at Wolf had me rooting for her pretty early on! 

Wolf was simply adorable! Well if you put aside for a bit the fact that he got a little crazy psycho killer sometimes, but who cares about the details? :D He totally had me guessing the entire time! He had this amazed look about most of the new things he saw, like a kid discovering chocolates or a new cool toy! It's amazing how she manages to make him look so innocent one moment and so out of control murderous the next. Good job Ms Meyer! You have given me another character to love! :D
(I'm not completely bongus just so you know! But if you see him when he's not on an out of his mind killing mode you'll love him too!)

Last but not least, I have to say I was torn at first about Thorne. He looked like a bit of a simpleton at first, but then he grew on me and I have to say that he was good for Cinder's mood and he lightened up the book majorly! :D Haven't figured out if he's supposed to be a fairytale character though. And if yes then which one?

One of my favorite quotes between him and Cinder is this:
(Cinder feels guilty for glamouring people and Thorne trying to encourage her! Hilarious!)
"You might be a crazy Lunar, but you're not evil . As long as you're using your glamour to help people, and more important, to help me , then there's nothing to feel guilty about." He stopped to check his hair in the dirty window of a show store while Cinder gawked after him.
"I hope that wasn't your idea of a pep talk."

Another amazing book!
Thank you Ms Meyer! I just wish it wouldn't take soooooo long for the next book to come out!