Seraphina - Rachel Hartman

4.5 (it's not 5 because of the small part in the beginning where I found the narration of memories and thoughts to be a bit boring, but after that it was amazing!)

What makes a character a favorite among others? Is it her spirit? Her courage? Wit,beliefs,passion, talent or misfortunes? Maybe it's all those,but to make the mix complete the character must have flaws. Nothing perfect can ever be relatable and truly loved. Our favorite characters are always in trouble and never ever perfect!
Seraphina isn't perfect. Her life so far has been built on lies upon lies. She doesn't fit with the humans and she doesn't fit with the dragons. Her very existence is against multiple laws, so her father decided to try and cover up her mothers true identity in an effort to avoid consequences. But Seraphina grew up to be a strong, smart, independent woman with an incredible talent for music and an amazing heart to go with it.
I didn't stop being amazed at how well she handled difficult situations. Yes she hesitated and she did lie on many occasions but when push came to shove she didn't fear owning up to her actions and she made me feel a strange sense of pride that never fails to move me. As the book progressed I found myself sucked into the story, connecting with Seraphina all the more and rooting for or being frustrated with her decisions. That sense of commitment with the characters is what I always look for in a book and that it is rare to find makes it all the more precious.
Seraphina is certainly among my favorite characters at the moment. She made me feel with her what she felt, think with her and led me on a journey in an amazing world where dragons and humans live close with a treaty threatening to fall apart between them.

As far as the other characters go:
I never expected to like princess Glisselda at first, but she grew to be a very interesting person and a promising leader and open hearted friend. 

Ok who can honestly say they didn't see where the thing was going with prince Lance? No one! It was obvious and yet seeing the two stambling around each other, self conscious and awkward, was strangely aggravating in a good way. I don't know whether I like where they left things, but I can appreciate it and I wouldn't think as highly as I do of either of them if they acted otherwise!

Omra was always cracking me up. He might be a stern old man, but his love for Seraphina and his begrudgingly human undercurrent made him adorable!

The dragons in general were vastly intriguing! I loved how they took human form and I appreciated how carefully the author painted their picture and weaknesses in each form. Especially the king.

All the characters in phina's garden where something to see, but I can't wait for joucinda to make an appearance! Things will definitely not go smoothly then. My favorite must be Abdo! The little acrobat had me rooting for him from the get go! :D

So to sum this review up. This book leaves the world in a state of unrest. Things are shifting, new alliances are forming and people are called to pick a side. Anyone could be a traitor and as this book proved you never know where the danger lies. Seraphina was a beautifully written book, with characters with depth and complete personalities and a world with amazing structure and complexity!

I recommend this book to everyone, but if you particularly like to explore new unexpected worlds with creatures you've never met before, complex characters, duplicity, politics, mystery,romance and drama, well then you should definitely pick Seraphina right up!