Iron Crowned  - Richelle Mead

That son of a b***h!!!! That's what I said as soon as i finished the book! I never really liked him but what he tried to do takes the word 'ass' to a complete new level... What the heck??? 
Sorry I know i am rambling but i just haven't come to terms yet with what Kyio did!!

Ok the series definitely have started to get more interesting and I liked this book just as much as the second one, if not more!!! The next book definitely holds promise and I 'm waiting to see what happens next!

Mead has a way of finishing her books that always leaves you with a big question mark. I just hope she 'll come up with a nice outcome for Eugenie (hopefully one that involves Dorian-IMO-and if something nasty happened to Kiyo I can't say I would really mind...Maiwenn too preferably!)!:)