Bitter Blood (The Morganville Vampires, #13) - Rachel Caine

Oh this was kind of weird but good! :D
Morganville is finally moving towards some place and I like it. The characters are growing up and the grown ups are defined more clearly. 
You can't read a Rachel Caine book and expect anything else than an action packed, intense and cleverly written plot. Bitter Blood delivered all those things and left me waiting for the next book one more time! There aren't many series that can keep readers hooked after that many sequels... So what's more to say?
I love the characters, I love the world this books are set in and I really really like the fact that I've gotten to the 13th book in these series and I still consider the story fast paced and intriguing. :)
The atmosphere was a bit heavier in this book. Morganville was never a walk in the park, but there was always someone who remained relatively happy. Here I couldn't for the life of me name one person that got it easy or wasn't half-way depressed or mad... The gang has been scattered, at least temporarily, and it remains up to Caine how she'll decide to write the end. 
I won't say much more, but I can't help mentioning for the billionth time, as I have in all my reviews of this series that I LOVE MYRNIN!!! :D Seriously the guy is a mad genius and in here we finally got the chance to look inside his head! And boy did I like that! I'll miss the vampire bunny slippers! How cute was he when he was apologizing to them both for leaving them behind? I laughed so hard! 


In memory of the fallen slippers!:D