Broken Blade (Colbana Files #3)

Broken Blade (Colbana Files #3) - J.C. Daniels I should have finished this one sooner, but I had to be in a very good mood to read it without getting too sucked into the sad parts. And trust me it had them in spades!

Kit was semi-depressed from start to finish with an extra big dose of depressed in the beginning. She got better as the story progressed and the madder she got the better, but she was so afraid most of the time that I didn't even recognise the badass Kit from [b:Blade Song|14915175|Blade Song (Colbana Files #1)|J.C. Daniels||19164337]. True she went through something horific, but she had gone through waay worse from her grandmother and she didn't buckle. I don't really get why this time got to her so much. True she lost her sword, but she didn't have that then either so it wasn't that she lost her cruch. But what was it?

Doyle gets cooler every time! :D
Not just a tiger, but now he's an aneira too? He 'll turn out badass! Especially with Kit as a teacher. Wait till he grows up. I won't a series on him. Great spin-off, no?

I was really sad when Es died. I really liked the old lady. She had the badass grandma vibe. I didn't really get why that had to happen. It looked like overkill to me. Completely unnecessary!

If I wasn't pissed off at Damon from the last book I'd be impressed by his efforts in this book. But the guy really messed up. Like I said before the whole thing with him walking away just felt forced. Especially after the hundred times he said he was in it forever before. So this book just wiped all that weirdness from my mind. Damon went back to being the considerate, caring, badass and surprisingly patient in this occasion guy I liked. Too bad he got a reprieve from this battle. I wanted more figting this time around. But I kinda look forward to when hopefully he and Justin finally decide to go at eachother. That 'll be fun. As long as it's merely to blow off some steam and not because Justin turned bad or he decided to make a move on Kit again.

Was the voice in Kit's head her grandma's or was she projecting? The first one is more likely, but if it is how's she doing it?? And more to the point when are the areina gonna get more proactive and come to "collect their dues"? And wait till they find out the other juicy bit about Doyle! They'll either love him or hate him. I don't doubt he 'll blow them off, but they're bound to want him. With the perks of a shifter he'll make a hell of an aneira. Or they could get all racist on him and declare open season on his furry behind. Well it's bound to be interesting at the very least!

So far I can't even find a link to a fourth book though so that can't be a good thing for the waiting period before the next book. I cross my fingers and hope it is at least in 2014 and I won't have to wait over a year.