Dancing With the Devil

Dancing With the Devil - Keri Arthur Nicki is a private investigator who in her efforts to find a teenager who run got involved with the wrong croud she finds herself in the middle of a centuries old feud between two deadly vampires. Jasper wants to kill her in order to control her psychic powers and Michael hopes to use her to lure Jasper into a trap. Things go off track though when (surprise surprise) Michael starts to get more and more involved into Nicky's life and they find themselves more and more entwined by the day.

Overall the writing was good and the plot had a flow. The characters where quite good too. If it was a little more unpredictable and a little less for lack of a better word cheasy I'd rate it higher. But while the action parts of the plot were ok, even if not original, the romance part was too much like all the other paranormal romances for me to say honestly that it stood out. Not that I didn't enjoy it anyway, but it just didn't stand out.

I liked Nicki's powers though and now that she 's having a boost from Michael as well it's bound to get better. One thing I would like to point out that I liked here was that vampires were not the poor tortured souls that were just misanderstood. Vampire equals killer. Wether they are on an vegetarian diet like Michael or on a killing spree like Jasper they have the same urges deep down. And Nicky doesn't fall over herself to try end save Michael's soul as soon as she finds out the truth. She doesn't forget the darkness that has unsettled her about him from the get go and she doesn't make excuses for him.
It makes you respect her more.