Obsession - Jennifer L. Armentrout This book was good enough to make me doubt what I thought I knew about this universe.
Arum are suddenly the , not good, but at least misunderstood guys, here for the rescue and Luxians are the arrogant, oppressors.
Plot-wise not the best romance I've read but pretty good nonetheless. It was sexy and I loved the back and forth banter between Hunter and Serena. There was some serious chemistry (or hormones) going on there. I loved the scenes where she was throwing things at him! :D
I was waiting to see if Daemon would appear, especially after Luc came into the picture! Poor Daemon he must be going out of his mind worrying. When Luc mentioned the favor to Hunter though I got a feeling that maybe the two will team up in the future via Luc. ;) That will be fun! I'm not sure which one would win if it came down to it, but they would definitely make for a good show! ;D