House Rules (Chicagoland Vampires, #7)

House Rules  - Chloe Neill I just can't get tired of this series!
For me very few series should have more than 5-6 books and even less authors can pull it off without losing the plot or distorting the characters. This is one of those series for me!

House Rules is the 7th book in the Chicagoland Vampires and yet every book is a new surprise! No book tries to recycle the same story or to make the characters backtrack from whatever progress they've made. The characters are definitely evolving and the political intrigue and power plays as well as the humor and action are still there and thriving! When I remember where this story started I see a clear line forward from every aspect and that's what makes this one of my favorite series!

Merit is a kickass character with a great ability to deal with tough situations both political and physical. She is great with a katana and she can think on her feet. In this book there are yet again some pretty tough choices that need to be made and as always the consequences are bound to follow! The RG membership is about to be turned official and Merit is yet again troubled about whether she's doing the right thing. Also the House's departure from the GP is about to be finalized which has everyone tense and worried and of course as always there is the outside drama with vampires being murdered around the city in a ritualistic way. And to top it all off Lacey Sherridan is back in the House to "help" Ethan with the split. Now that is a recipe for disaster! As you can see Merit has yet again a lot on her plate!

What I liked in this book is how it finally becomes clear that both main characters are in this together for the long run. No matter how they might fight or how hurt either one may be by the other they eventually are willing to trust, forgive and forget. I get why Merit and Ethan didn't work as closely in this book and I like that they are not joined at the hip, but maybe in the next book they can start fighting together again or train together! Those scenes were fun! :D

My only note about this story is that maybe there were a little too many fronts open at once! Maybe next time it would be better to tone it down a bit and just juggle a couple of problems at one sitting... But I already love the books so what am I saying? Do whatever you want with them Mrs Neil! I love it anyway! :D

PS: How awesome was the scene where Ethan faces off Jonah?? :D I was having hysterics! :D I wish I could have seen that! Ethan jealous is always fun to read about!

It's a great Urban Fantasy series and I would recommend it to anyone who likes the genre or wants to give it a go! :D