Princess Avenger

Princess Avenger - Bernadette Rowley This book was given to me in exchange for an honest review by the author and NetGalley.

So to begin with this was a very entertaining read!
I was hooked from the first few chapters and I really liked the world setting. Power plays, intrigue, magic, corruption..
And a Princess at the center of it all playing Robin Hood trying to help her people. Alecia was a very interesting character. She had a good mind on her head- when Vard wasn't around, because then things always went awry...- and a good heart, but she refuses to see that her father isn't the man she thought he was.

Captain Vard, even though he was not my favorite male lead ever, he had his moments. Vard was sent to the Castle to assassinate the Prince, but he got caught up into the palace's affairs and find himself guarding the princess. Now he is in an ideal position to finish what he came to do, but he can't help wandering who would benefit from it the most and was the man that requested this assassination. So now he has a choice to make and he has to be prepared to live with the consequences.

Hetty was a pleasure to watch! I could just imagine her, an old woman looking sternly down at the Captain of the Palace Guard who could arrest her and order her execution and she still puts him in his place without a second thought! :D Just the image of her chuckling in front of her fireplace makes me smile!

Finally, I know they say don't judge a book by its cover, but isn't this one gorgeous? Honestly it was the main reason it caught my eye and I'm glad it did.

A big Thank you to NetGalley for giving me the chance to review this book!