A Siren's Song (Ride of the Darkyrie #2)

A Siren's Song (Ride of the Darkyrie #2) - Saranna DeWylde I 'm starting getting used to this! :D
When I was about 12 I found those old newspapers in my grandmothers closet and there where these stories in them that came out weekly or monthly in sequels. So every week or month you had to buy the paper so you wouldn't miss the episode. It was a pretty smart move on the editor's part and I have no idea why they have stopped doing it, but this was what came to my mind immediately after I realized how this series works. The books aren't independent, the same plot thickens and progresses without altering the main focus or characters.
So the characters are starting to make more sense as the story unravels. We get to see more about their background and their motives.
I know this might make me weird, but since the beginning I 've been more intrigued by Stavros than I am by Jason. Yeah he's hot and all that jazz, but Cross was more interesting. And now I am officially a freak 'cause Jesus the guy wants to kill her! And not the cute "I started out to kill you but now i can't" screwed up logic either! He is pretty damn determined and I don't see him changing his mind anytime soon. Still, I just can't help it! His logic sounds about right to me... She did kill off his family and half burned him alive! Dude has a right to be pissed!
Brynn is weird. She has the most weird personality I've seen in a while. (I know I said the word "weird" twice in as many sentences, but that's what she is!) She keeps referring to herself as a murderer, but she holds herself to her own standards. She can identify with a glance who is or is gonna be a killer and she ends them, but not before she has indisputable evidence (and that doesn't always mean a body).
Why am I even trying to explain this? I guess this is my way of trying to sort things out in my own mind. Just saying things out loud helps sometimes. I think I understand almost everyone here, but Brynn.
So, to rup this up I 'll get the next book when I can find it and I hope Cross doesn't die any time soon 'cause for me here he's the main character!

Whoever managed to get this far in this review and can make sense of my scrambled thoughts deserves a medal of valor!! :D