Waking the Queen (Ride of the Darkyrie #1)

Waking the Queen (Ride of the Darkyrie #1) - Saranna DeWylde It's a 3.5 stars rating and the only reason it went down to 3 is because I didn't know it would come out in episodes and it took me by surprise when the story was cut off so abruptly! Otherwise it would be a 4!


This was actually way better than I expected. The characters, as briefly as I got to see them, where not annoying in the least and sometimes they even were bad-ass.
My main complain here was that because the story was so brief I felt like it was also a bit rushed. What I mean is that I got to see 2 murder crime scenes in less than 30 pages! In a book I wouldn't mind, but this felt more like a graphic novel plot and it left me hanging on the precipice of something out of arms length.
I 've never heard of Darkyries before so that was pretty cool! Brynn is a Darkyrie and apparently she can't die. She also happens to be Queen of Hell! I really want to figure out what Jason is and what was up with the demi-psycho Valkyrie chick.
Anyway, this series holds promise and the characters are very intriguing! I can't say I'm thrilled with the 5 chapters per book thing, but that's me... :P
I would recommend it to those who like a good fantasy book 'cause the characters have potential and the world is one I personally would love to explore more!