Beauty Never Dies (The Grimm Diaries Prequels, #3)

Beauty Never Dies (The Grimm Diaries Prequels, #3) - Cameron Jace BIG SPOILER ALERT!!!!!

Peter Pan wakes Dracula from his 100 year sleep in order to awaken Sleeping Beauty from her cursed sleep. Oh and his sidekick/servant Hunchy (a.k.a. Hunchback of notre dame who got tired of being ridiculed and decided to join the butt-kicking bad side!) is helping him complete this task.
Now Dracula or Draco as Peter calls him is not exactly what you 'd expect. But who in this series is? After awakening Dracula discovers his new fascination with Zombie beheading on Xbox and reading about the well-known Harry Potter's very own Draco! Especially after finding out that the he was inspired by him! :D
Now who remembers Aurora? Sweet little thing the princess who pricked her finger and then slept for 100 tears until the prince kissed her awake. Now, hmmm, well that might have been a little off base. See Aurora or Wendy, if you are more of a Neverland kind of person, is not a sweet little princess. Shes more of a crazy, sadistic, murderous vampire... With a soft spot for Peter Pan.
The Evil Queen of course made an appearance while searching for the 7 little men who may not actually be so little... :D
And after my excessive spoiling which was caused only by enthusiasm I assure you, I need to go find the next book in the series to devour! ;D

"You know what we kids do in real world whenever we get bored?"
"I have no idea. What do you do?"
"We kill zombies."
"bies." I stressed in an educational way."
"What kind of bees are those?" He wondered.