Dare You To

Dare You To - Katie McGarry 3.5 stars.
I feared that this would turn into a triangle, but Beth wasn't conflicted in that department. She didn't encourage both guys only to start whining later about her having to chose. I respect that.
Boy that girl was unlucky! If karma exists she either was a super villain in another life or life owes her many flowers and candy in the future.
I liked the uncle. As far as paternal figures go he was a good one.
Why though both here and in Pushing the Limits the moms are crazy and a father figure is always the steadying force. Seems kind of sexist...
Anyway, Ryan was really sweet and they had good chemistry with Beth.
Kinda felt sorry for Isaiah, but what can you do? Not visiting her in the hospital and cutting her off was kind of a dick move though.