Sealed With a Curse: A Weird Girls Novel

Sealed with a Curse - Cecy Robson Just for the unexpected awesomeness of the sisters's powers I would give this book 4 stars! :)
I liked that none of them was a weakling and that they all had very distinct personalities.
When I read that the main characters were four sisters living together I feared it would be another book full of catfights and pettiness, but the only representative of the felines here was Celia and the sisters were so close together they were inspiring. Four cheers for girl-power! :D

Lol! I'm losing it... :P
Anyway despite her deep set insecurities Celia was good character to read and I ended up respecting her and looking forward to reading more about her. I loved the scene were she turned chicken! It must have been hilarious!

Taran was crazy fun! Super model looks and a mouth that would have you running for cover before she finished one sentence. Just pray she doesn't get mad at you! Her powers were so awesome I was jealous!

Shayna also had an amazing powerset of her own! She can turn anything into any weapon! She has super-fast reflexes and she has the most amazing attitude. All the "dude"s really reminded me of Dani from Iced and I thought that if they ever met they would probably become BFFs in seconds! :D

Emme was the quite one in the bunch. She is telekinetic and she has healing powers. She was like a calming power and she was the one everyone was constantly trying to protect. She didn't really need it though. She proved more than once that she was more than meets the eye and that when push came to shove she didn't hesitate to do what she had to do.

There was no question about Misha or Aric for me. Like Celia I came to like Misha (after a while), but Aric just felt like a better fit. Unless there is a big twist coming up I don't think Misha stands a chance and I 'm not entirely convinced he seriously wants one either. I definitely felt bad for him after everything that happened to his family though! Poor guy even if he was kind of an ass he didn't deserve that.

The plot was good as well. There was plenty of action throughout the book and things never quite settled down for anyone. Crazy vampires on the loose kept massacring people and when they took one big culprit down another one seemed to take his place. For one thing this book doesn't lack in the crazy department. I really enjoyed it and I will be reading the next installment when it comes out.