Night Blade (Colbana Files) (Volume 2)

Night Blade - J.C. Daniels ok so I just managed to get myself under control once again and I had to write this now before I forgot the feeling!
Saying I enjoyed this would be putting it mildly! I couldn't put this down!
I sort of expected going into this that it wouldn't be able to match the first book, but boy i ll be damned if this wasn't even better. I am seriously in love with this world! Great characters! Kit is one of the best female characters I ve read about in a while! I think I must have been crying for her for the better part of the last half of this book! Poor thing didn't deserve to have such bad luck and such a potent crazy magnet! Seriously the girl attracts sadists like honey does bees.
Kit is a lot like Kat Daniels but with way more baggage! And I don't think Curran would react the way Damon did with that little cause. He majorly overreacted! Still one of the best books I've read in a while!
The writing is great and the story doesn't let you even think of getting bored! Always a big plus in my book!
Couldn't finish without even mentioning Doyle though! The kid is about to become one of my favorites I think! I have high hopes for him and something tells me he's on his way to becoming a badass!

Seriously now though, if you haven't read this yet, READ THIS!!!!