Blade Song (Colbana Files)

Blade Song - J.C. Daniels If you liked Kate Daniels you're gonna like this one. ;D
It didn't take much to grasp my attention, all it took was reaching the second chapter.
Kit is a badass descendant of a race of super assassins or something, but they've shunned her because she's half human. She is a great character and I enjoyed reading about her.
At first I felt there were too many details thrown my way, that were not necessary, but it ebbed after the first few chapters and I could enjoy everything thoroughly after that.
The glimpses into Kit's past were very well written and introduced into the story sporadically, which made me want more and more to know her better.
There were plenty of sparks flying around which is always a plus in my book. :D
Damon after a few screw ups along the way, finally stopped being a douche and things got increasingly hotter. I just felt a bit put off by how fast they went from ignoring everything to a fully committed relationship. Slower is sometimes better, but I'm not complaining.
I'm super glad Queen Bitch got bagged and I hope she gets some quality company soon when Jude goes to join her.