Poison Princess (Arcana Chronicles, Book 1)

Poison Princess - Kresley Cole

Ok so I'm officially in love with this book! *sigh*
It's like hunger games with super powers and hot guys running around. And zombies! :D

I don't know what to say really and that's rare... The characters were awesome and the writing great! I loved the back and forth between present and past and even if it was confusing at first I loved it later. Evangeline was a good narrator, but I wish we saw more of her kickass side earlier and less cowering behind Jackson's back all the time. Matthew is adorable. The way he dodges questions and makes a conversation go in circles is amazing. Finn is fun and he brings some levity to the party (I'm dying to know what happened when Selena realized what happened there... ;)) Selena is the one the jury is still out on.

I sincerely hope that evie will keep her newfound backbone in the future! She can kick some major butt if she sets her mind to it.
I neeeed the next book!!!

Ashleigh girl you are a rock star! :D