Vengeance Borne (Sentry of Evil)

Vengeance Borne - Amanda Bonilla 3.5 stars. I'll make it 4 though because it was a first book and it left me wanting more.
Ok let's go straight to the point. Jax was a good character and I liked her resolve and sarcasm, but I wish there was more butt-kicking of the bad guys and that she wouldn't blame herself for everything that went wrong, but I guess that's why she has Micah... Now Micah after a while became an optimistic glass half full kind of guy which made me very happy since I'm not really one to root for self medicating and self destructive people. I liked the chemistry between the two and I was entirely satisfied with the way their relationship progressed. Unlike other book characters they didn't immediately forget everything and everyone else as soon as they led eyes on each other. They thought things through and even though sparks were flying all over the place they kept their head in the game (as much as possible) and they didn't make moon eyes at each other over the piling bodies. I like it when the characters don't immediately hook up, it gives you something to look forward to and it makes for good tension which is always a good thing.
I really liked Trish! :D the mafia grandma must have been a hell of an old lady! I loved how she bossed everyone around and put everyone in their place while being able to kick their butts at any given time. She was a badass. :D
Finn was just annoying for the most part but now I kinda feel sorry for him.
The plot was not exactly surprising, but if Jax gets more powered-up in the next book and Micah learns how to kick some butt as well I'll be happy.