Tempt the Stars: A Cassie Palmer Novel

Tempt the Stars - Karen Chance First chapters are out and they are once again torturously good. Who can wait until October now that they reminded us how addictive this series is? :P
Oh and one more thing. After how many make out sessions does Pritkin go from friend to a more awkward romantic territory, because I think they've gone to second base twice by now. I dont do that with my friends do you? Just saying... :P

It was like living in Murphy’s Law.
Only no.
That would be a step up.
According to Murphy, if something can go wrong, it will. But that wouldn’t work for my life. I needed a new rule. Cassie’s rule. Something along the lines of “if something can’t go wrong, because it is completely impossible for it to happen in the first place, it will somehow manage to go wrong anyway.”

“Cassandra?” Jonas said, a little more forcefully this time.
“I think it’s time for the midnight express,” I said, hoping I hadn’t just made a really big mistake.
“And what does that mean?” he demanded.
“It means choo-choo, motherfucker!” Billy screamed, swooping out of the ceiling. And right on his tail was a train, all right—of what looked like every damned ghost on the property.

I can't wait!!! :D