Spartan Frost (Mythos Academy)

Spartan Frost - Jennifer Estep When I first saw there would be a short from Logan's PoV after he left Mythos with his father to clear his head and work on gaining back his self-confidence and sanity, I hoped I would get to experience some crazy spartan adventure or at the very least get some more insight on the thoughts of one of my favorite male leads on paper. Well truth be told there wasn't much of either. Other than the last few chapters there wasn't much fighting going on, which is logical since the book was just a short, but I didn't get much on Logan's PoV about him and Gwen which is something I kind of hoped for...
I knew Oliver would stick out for Gwen and he does apparently. I love how he's trying to talk some sense into the stubborn Spartan even if he's not listening much these days.

Who wants to bet that Logan won't be seeing the inside of the New York Academy??

Anybody wandering by now if someone in Loki's camp has a special grudge on Nickamides? Once more the s**t hits the fan and of course everything goes down at the Library. Because where else in the entire school could the Rippers actually attack? Poor guy, he must be on the verge of a major breakdown by now.