School Spirits (A Hex Hall Novel)

School Spirits - Rachel Hawkins I can't say that this book fulfilled my expectations completely, but it was a nice way to pass the time. After falling in love with Sophie's sarcastic humorous lines and her constant banter with Archer this left something to be desired. I liked learning more about the Branicks and Fin's disappearance added to the plot, but I hope the second book will have more ass kicking and less teenage-angst. Torin was a blast. If there was one reason to keep reading this series for me it's him. He intrigued me in Hex Hall and he was one of my favorite things about this book. The plot was kind of predictable, but since this isn't a mystery novel I won't complain.
Overall, it was neither bad nor mouth-dropping. Good enough characters with potential for improvement, I'll be reading the next installment and I hope it picks up the pace a little.