Wicked as She Wants

Wicked as She Wants - Delilah S. Dawson I really like this world. There are all sorts of creatures around and everything is warped in a very different way. I love the way some words are different there and how some things are the same, while others don't never existed.
I loved the characters in this book and the only thing I minded a bit was how some parts of it seemed to extend more than needed giving too many details for my taste. Other than that it was great.

Anna was a feisty one and I liked the whole metamorphosis aspect of the story. She was sure of herself with not even a hint of self doubt and that's something I can admire.

I liked Casper more than I thought I would which is always a good thing. It bugged me at first how self destructive he seemed to be and how he wallowed in self pity for his bad luck. He made it look like he had this great love for Tish and she broke his heart, but for crying out loud he knew the girl for a couple of days and nothing even happened between them... She always favored Crim and he knew it so I don't get the whole abandonment issue, but I was glad when he got over it!

Keen I loved! She made me smile with how cunning and smart she was, while I couldn't help feeling bad for the circumstances that led to her being that way. Shes a great kid and I was very happy to see things working out for her.

If you like fantasy and crazy worlds you'll love this series! ;)