Unravel Me

Unravel Me - Tahereh Mafi I am speechless!
Job excellently done!!! Thumbs up! ... Fill in the blanks with more enthusiastic ravings. I am hyper-excited at the moment!

If someone came up to me two days ago and told me that by the end of tonight I d be parading as a fungirl for Warner I'd say they're weird and he's a sociopath. So as you can probably imagine I was completely taken aback by how much I enjoyed him in this book. I found myself switching teams before even reaching the middle of the book while struggling along with Julliette to remember all the reasons I ve repeatedly called him a sociopath without any regrets. I don't know if I can pinpoint the exact moment I changed my mind, but now I don't even think of poor Adam more than fleetingly.

And believe me I tried. I reread Shatter Me to get why I loved him before again, but even though I found it briefly as soon as I returned to Unravel Me he started fading once more into the background. He is vanilla sweet when Warner is rich chocolate, bittersweet and intriguing. You never now how the next bite will hit your pallet. If that isn't a 180 I don't know what is. Team Warner all the way here! Please don't make me switch sides again! It's honestly agonizing and if this goes the way I hope Warner will soon have his very own spot among my favorite book boyfriends!

But not to leave all the other incredible characters unmentioned. It would be ungrateful.
Kenzi: well what is there to say more really? He is a pleasure to have around and one of those people you want to be your friend after spending two minutes with them. He is kind, funny, sweet and as much as he likes to instigate drama he is very much uncomfortable when he is caught in the tension that follows. I don't think I could get tired of him, ever.

James: was from the get go one of my favorites. He is the sweetest kid and so smart. He has so much energy and such a good heart he just makes me smile with his innocence and purity. It's incredible watching him grow alongside the others and I sincerely hope he won't be mad with Juliette if she doesn't pick Adam in the end.

Anderson: someone should shoot that evil SOB! It's not enough for him to destroy his family he has to go destroy the world too. They should heal him just to shoot him again! And now my blood pressure is up, Great! :P

Castle: has a kind heart and he wants the best for the people he has taken under his wing, but he doesn't turn a blind eye to what's happening to others either. He helps anyone he can however he can and he is willing to give second chances even to his enemy. A man with that kind of heart and values should be a great leader of people, but I have to agree with Warner unfortunately and say that he can never keep everyone happy and that he either has to adapt and learn to set some firm rules and consequences or his people ,while their numbers rise, will stop cooperating and he will lose control of the situation with possibly dire consequences.

And I will stop rumbling now and leave you good people in peace.
I loved this book and it will be suffering waiting sooooooo long for the next book!
2014 is too far away!