Dark Kiss (Harlequin Teen)

Dark Kiss - Michelle Rowen I m really pissed right now because GR keeps deleting all the reviews I write on my iPad!
So I ve already written this twice and I m not really in the mood to go for three! So mind you GR don't do any funny business on me!
This won't be not even near as good as the first and second drafts were, but I'll get the point across.
I liked Sam because she was a three dimensional character with an interesting personality and even more intriguing powers! She could handle herself and when she was cornered she didn't hesitate to fight for what she wanted.

Bishop was flat for me and if I didn't see him through Sam's eyes I don't think he would be all that interesting to me. Same goes for Carly! The other angels were way more fun! His brother on the other hand... Well if demons are normally like Roth I don't get why Kraven is one? Well I know why he is, I just don't get it! So far I am team-Kraven and unless Bishop changes some things I won't change my status! And anyway why is Kraven the bad brother when they clearly both have issues?

This is looking like a VD kind of triangle which if it comes to pass I will enjoy! I really hope that the characters will evolve as the books go on, because they were ok for a first book, but they still need work and development!