Walking Disaster: A Novel

Walking Disaster - Jamie McGuire For some inexplicable reason when I saw this among the books coming up this month I picked it up.
I can't say I particularly liked the first book, but surprisingly I think this book is better.
Scenes that from Abby's PoV seemed stretched and borderline abusive, they kind of made sense from Travis's PoV. In the first book after the first half I thought Travis was semi-sociopath and now aside from the excessive drinking and the outbursts of rage once or twice I kind of felt bad for him. I still wouldn't date him, but I am not as creeped out by him as I once was. This time I was less partial to Abby though. I don't think it's normal for one lead to make you dislike the other... Aren't they supposed to make you love them too? Here both times I was not that into the other person and not even the lead sometimes.