The Lost Prince (Iron Fey)

The Lost Prince - Julie Kagawa I really liked reading from Ethan's pov!
His perspective of the fay was understandable and I felt kind of bad for him for a while. His fighting skills were hot, but his attitude sucked from time to time. I really hope he gets over his more brooding side in the next book. He 's reminding me a bit of Ash in his more solemn phase.
Kenzi though stole it for me! She was a definitely a character I'm rooting for and I 'd love to read a bit from her PoV too.
Keirran was a sweet guy up until he got brainwashed by the Queen of the Forgotten. His relationship with the Summer Fae is ironically similar to Ash and Meghan so they'd better be more understanding. Now from all the characters I Keirran is the one I am the most worried about. From what I've seen so far he's more like his mother than his father, but he seems more gullible than Meghan did after the second book. He seems more fragile somehow. Awesome powers aside...
What got me thinking though was one thing the oracle had said to Meghan in Iron King. I don't remember the exact phrasing, but the gist of it was that her child would only bring her sorrow and anguish. Now if that isn't a bad omen I don't know what is.
I had really missed Grim, Puck and the others so I'm really glad they all showed up even if it was for a little bit. Grim was there for a bit more than the others, but I want more Puck next time!!! The two times I briefly saw him were hardly enough. And I also wouldn't mind Ash and Ethan having it out. More Ash that way too! :D
It's kind of weird though how children and parents are looking the same age. They must be used to it, but it always takes me a while to bring it all together in my head.

Anyway, this was a very good start for the spin-off and I hope the rest will be even better! :D