The Indigo Spell: A Bloodlines Novel

The Indigo Spell - Richelle Mead I read the first chapter and now I can't wait to get my hands on this one!!! It definitely holds promise! :D
I can't wait to see Sydney learn more about magic! It will be good for her, maybe even loosen her up a little.

Well, I am officially done with this book and I have this feeling of fulfillment I can't even begin to explain! I had this constant feeling of dread and doom approaching during the entire last part of the book! I have a bad history with Mead and 3rd installments in series- which I think is the same for everyone who's read more than one of her series- and I just couldn't shake the feeling off. Every new chapter was like walking through a minefield. Even when I was super excited over something and clapping my hands and laughing to myself earning myself many "now she's officially lost it" looks from my sister and friends, I still had a knot in my stomach, waiting for something to happen to Adrian or for someone to turn evil on the gang and kill someone or even for the Alchemists to storm the place and drag Sydney to re-education... :P
I don't think I breathed normally until I turned the last page and saw what was the cliffhanger for Indigo Spell! You cannot imagine my relief! Now I can just wait like a normal person for Fiery Heart to come out and not hyperventilate every time I think of this book! :D

So to stop my rambling I'll keep this short.
Sydney is growing on me more and more with every book! Her perspective of the world has changed soo much over the last few books that I can hardly recognize the scared, rule abiding Sydney we met in Blood Promise! I have a not so big requirement when it comes to characters and fictional worlds! They have to evolve and they have to grow and mature and generally change! That's one of the biggest reasons why I love Richelle Mead's writing so much! You can practically see every character grow and bloom! Sydney has had a major personality alteration!
Adrian too is nothing like the self absorbed, self righteous addict he was in Bloodlines and even when we met him in Frostbite! Starting out Bloodlines he was wounded and needed time to process things and heal, but now he has grown into a very caring, sweet, thoughtful young man who is willing to put other people's needs first and wants to make something of himself. Now that is what I call growth! He still has a lot of road to cover, but with Sydney by his side and his own newfound sense of self worth he will be okay! :D
Jill and Eddie were not as present in this book. Apart from a few brief appearances their roles were shrank considerably. The thing with Angeline was soo painfully obvious though, that I almost wanted to bang Sydney over the head to make her see it, but she was too preoccupied with al the other stuff to pay much attention. ;) I hope the new guy doesn't take the spotlight off Eddie though! I really want to see him opening up more!

Overall, the book had parts that had me gripping my e-reader in frustration and/or enthusiasm! The main theme is Adrian and Sydney's relationship and the witch targeting young girls in California. Also the Alchemists and the mystery that is Marcus are explored a lot more in this book which I liked, but I hoped to see more in Marcus than what was actually there...

I am waiting on the edge of my seat for the next installment in the series! I will miss those guys until I hear from them again!

Enjoy Indigo Spell!!!
It will definitely make you swoon for Adrian! ;D