Everbound: An Everneath Novel

Everbound - Brodi Ashton SPOILER ALERT!

I don't mean to leak any big spoilers, but since I have some strong feelings about this ending I can't help, but spoil a bit. Or a lot. Whatever... :P

Cole you sneaky, manipulative bastard! :D
Now that was a twist!
Not that I didn't expect it to happen at some point I just thought it would be on the next book and that it would happen after she agreed... But, damn! He really blindsided me! Which is mainly the reason why my 3.5 stars became 4 and not 3!

I know I 've said it many times so far, but wow!! Even if I suspected the end I would never suspect that it would be deliberate and calculated like that!
When I started this I wasn't sure I could go through with it, since after the long period of time between the two releases I had disconnected myself from the characters. And that was true until they went into Everneath!
I was a little annoyed by Nikki's constant mental ranting, but maybe she should be even more paranoid after all. She is not my favorite character and it must be a huge complement to the author's writing, because even though I am not hooked by any of the characters and I can't personally relate to them at all, I still read these books in a matter of a few days! And I ultimately enjoyed both of them.
I was right that having Max along would be more fun! The way he interacts with Cole and to see him probing him and making him reveal bits and peaces of himself was priceless.
Jack was very absent from this book aside from his appearances in Nikki's dreams and memories. I wasn't all that bothered by the fact, but I still like him well enough.
Cole was a roller-coaster ride for me! I never like him at first and then I do and then I don't, etc... He has a different kind of charm. He's not bad, at least not to Nikki, because we've seen him kill before,he is manipulative and he doesn't hesitate to use anyone in order to make ends meet. He more than proved that here! I was aghast when I saw him admit to everything! I was trying sooo hard to make up excuses for him that hearing him just confess and wait to face the music brought me to such an abrupt halt my head was spinning!
I start the book thinking "Ok this will be boring and I will be disappointed!". Then when I start getting awfully tired of just hearing Nikki sniveling, things start to take off. They get into Everneath and there is more Cole and Max and things are finally picking up. And then halfway through the book without even realizing what's happening I'm half-rooting for Cole... Which is totally absurd 'cause I don't even like the guy all that much. And then I learn he was a Viking and I get all excited - don't ask me why it's a weird thing that it somehow clicked right for me... So when he jumps with her and he's all supportive even though I am reluctant and I don't trust him completely I start falling for it. And that's when he kicks her in the stomach! Don't even ask! But I still hope that it was to protect her or something... And when Jack appears I think "Yeah! He's not all bad after all!"

And then comes the real kicker and I'm left like this:
Ok he never was a good guy, but he has some patience and he must be one of the most determined characters I've ever read about and that's saying something!