Once Burned (Night Prince, Book 1)

Once Burned - Jeaniene Frost The first book I read by Jeaniene Frost was her Night Huntress series. I loved the world and the action that was never over, but the moment I read about Vlad I knew I wanted him to have his own series! The part where Kat stays at his place was one of my favorites and of course no one can get bored watching him fight or banter with Bones! :D
So the moment I saw Night Prince was coming out I was super excited! And apparently with good reason.

I thought Kat was a pretty awesome character, but Leila is definitely not lucking in the awesomeness department! She is strong, smart, knows what she wants and she doesn't lie to herself about it! Big plus there! Most female leads are drowning in self denial. Not Leila! Even when she has her moments of denial she pretty soon says "Who am I kidding?" and faces the facts. I will always admire that. It doesn't hurt that she has some pretty kick ass abilities either. If she were a vampire she would probably be just as formidable as Vlad.

Speaking of Vlad! He is definitely one of my favorite male leads! He is not cartoonish, he is not an emo vampire wallowing in self pity and he knows who he is and he owns it. What I love most about him in this story though is how Frost didn't try to find alibis for who he is and what he does. She portrayed him in a way that seems so honest even if it is brutal that you just have to face the facts and deal with it.

Every character had their own place in the story and every one had something to add to it. Even the not so prominent characters were well developed and were three dimensional with well defined personalities. That's the other thing I loved about the book. It was just so realistically set that you could be sucked in without thinking about holes in the plot or inaccuracies!

I'll skip the quotes because there are just too many I 'd love to put up, but you should definitely read this book!
Big thumbs up to Mrs Jeaniene Frost for yet another amazing series! :D