Prodigy: A Legend Novel

Prodigy - Marie Lu I am a horrible buddy reading partner! So sorry Ashleigh, but I couldn't put it down!
As you can understand, since you are bright folks, I was supposed to buddy read this with Ashleigh. But since I've been down with a fever since yesterday, I thought why not start and then wait for Ash to catch up. Well I started last night and I finished at noon today!

It was amazing once more to see how realistic the world and the characters are! I get so emerged in what's happening that when the book was over I just kept trying to turn the page because I thought "No, it can't be over already!".

Obviously I loved the book! June is one of my favorite characters and I enjoyed every second of watching them struggle and push forward to survive.

Day was hot and cold throughout the book. One minute he was the sweetest and the next he became all jealous and unfairly cruel. I never can stay mad at him though!

Anden was such a nice guy I couldn't believe it! You don't find them often in politics... I hope he'll find someone to be happy with. Not June though because as much as I like him I like Day more. It amazed me once more how young all the characters where! Of course I knew their age when I started the book, but every time they faced hardships and obstacles and they just kept fighting on I kept thinking "wow and they are only fifteen!"

Tess was annoying for the most part. I know she's supposed to be this sweet good hearted girl with a hopeless crash on Day, but that very crash made her bitter and petty for the most part. And Day was not clear with her from the beginning which let her blur the lines more. Instead of shutting her down immediately he kept encouraging her, intentionally or not it doesn't matter, until they both got hurt. he sooo grit on my nerves when he kept thinking how pretty she was and how much she had grown up. Dude just pick a girl already and stick to it!

The plot wasn't that hard to figure out, but I enjoyed the writing so much that I didn't mind the predictability of the whole thing. This is I think the first book where the constant change in characters point of views in every chapter doesn't bother me at all. I quite enjoyed it actually. :D
Talk about a cliffhanger though! Before seeing that there was another book coming up in the series I was sooo scared!

Recommend the series to everyone! It's an amazing world that will captivate you! And the characters are beautifully written!