Ember: Death Collectors (Volume 1)

Ember - Jessica Sorensen 3.5 stars

This books gets extra points just for making me doubt myself more than once! I thought I had everyone figured out pretty soon, but I was always reserved, afraid that someone might surprise me. Especially when it came to Cameron I hadn't made up my mind completely until the very end.

Honestly this wasn't the best book I read this year, or the most original one, but it flowed easily and with a little more work it could go somewhere.

As far as main characters go Ember wasn't half bad. She was sad and scared, but she handled herself well and she wasn't the whining little girl that most YA books feature. She's adaptable, has a good head on her shoulders and she is not all pessimistic and pining over the guys.

Asher was a shoo-in from the very beginning. He's sweet and he can kick some serious butt if he wants to. Between him and Cameron I pick him every day! I didn't have that many doubts about him, I had a pretty clear idea about where he stood, with one little exception at the end, which was more of a passing thought than anything else.

Cameron was your friendly neighbor stalker. He moved in town about the same time as Asher did and he was the only character that had me rethinking his position from beginning to end. I made scenario after scenario in my head. "He is a Grimm Reaper.", "No, he is an Angel of Death.", I even though "He might be human" at some point but it was more of a passing thought. Seriously though the guy did seem to be a jerk and I was so proud of Ember when she didn't go all "gaga" over how hot he was. I was practically cheer leading for her when she damped him and went home after he started being a douche! So there are probably some that will swoon over the insistent, bad boy, poet, but I'm team Asher on this one!

Raven I felt really sorry for in the end! She might have been a bit of a ho but she was a good friend to Ember most of the time. Not really her fault when she wasn't either.

So to sum this up, I want to see what happens next so I'll look for the second book, but I want to see more of the boys this time and I'd prefer them talking and not making out all the time if possible. Maybe even see Michael a little. We've seen the Reapers already why not the angels too? Oh I also want the family and friends to stop being so depressing and start cheering up a bit. Especially the mom! Ok we saw the crazy now I want to see her better.
Oh and I 'd love to see what Ember's powers are gonna be! Everyone was going on and on about her being all powerful and stuff, but lets see something happening! :)