Impossible - Komal Kant Ok, I'm not 100% sure why, but I liked this story more than I expected.
First of all Luca was hot! And he was a pretty decent guy which I can always appreciate. Also when it came to defending Ash he was really protective and somehow always there. It didn't hurt that he had the whole gorgeous, built, sensitive,funny,musician thing going for him either... ;P
And that's the other thing. Ashton started out as a stuck up snob, you're run if the mill mean girl, but after reconnecting with Luca, whatever her messed up reasons might be, she pulled it together, apologized and tried to make a fresh start as a decent person.
Her brother Blaze was a sweetheart! Do kids really have imaginary friends in real life? I ve always wondered...
The moms were awesome! I mean Luca's mom finds them on the kitchen counter and instead of screaming at them she s totally cool and then starts laughing. How often do you see that reaction? Never. Because its not exactly normal, but it makes for a fanny scene.
Ashton's mom is a writer. She was an amazing character too, funny, always making her daughter uncomfortable in that fun for others but mortifying for you way only moms can! :D
If this was a movie it would be totally one of those where you watch expecting the main characters to start making out and the parents to start making fun of them... :)
It was a light read that went down easily and it pulled me out of my reading funk...