Destroy Me

Destroy Me - Tahereh Mafi I can't see why everyone is so smitten with Warren...
When I finished Shatter me I had a pretty clear picture in my head about who Warren was for me and how much I liked him (which let me tell you, it wasn't that much.). So when this book came out and everyone was sooo hyped about it, I went and got it. That's when I saw that it was from Warren's point of view. Ok, i said to myself, it might be fun reading from the crazy guy's PoV. But I put it off for a bit and then I started seeing everyone falling in love with Warren and giving this book 4and 5 star reviews. So I picked the book up again and I went at it expecting to see a new Warren. Someone who was just misunderstood and whose actions where forced or had at least a logical explanation.
It might be me, but I didn't see it...
I started with a picture of warren as a kind of crazy psychopath and I finished with an in love sociopath who got into this state of mind by a cruel father and who might have turned out differently if the circumstances had allowed it. One thing remained the same as you can see. Still i cant feel the same amount of enthousiasme. He still is the guy who wanted her to torture and kill people. he got her out of jail, but he cant see the errors in the reestablishment. I can't see anything romantic in that.
There was no remorse, no second thoughts, just a constant complaining because Juliet left him and she didn't want to be his very own murdering partner.
That's not love. That's obsession!

The writing was once again very good. The book went by like a breaze and even though I can't say I sympathized particularly with Warren I liked his PoV.
I can't wait for Unravel me to come out! :)