Crimson Frost (Mythos Academy Novels)

Crimson Frost - Jennifer Estep A big thank you to NetGalley and Kensington Publishing Corp. for letting me review this book!


Once again I was sucked into Mythos's world! Reapers, warrior-wiz kids and lots of crazy twists and turns!
I won't get into extreme detail about the action scenes or the drama, but just know they came to the party once again! In spades! Most of you have probably already read the first chapter so I'll feel free to talk about it without fear of exposing any huuuge spoilers. If you haven't go do that and come back later! ;)

So Crimson Frost opens at the local coffee shop where Logan and Gwen have just gone on their first date. Of course this wouldn't be a Mythos Academy book if everything didn't go south in less than 5 pages! Three members of the Protectorate come in and arrest Gwen for freeing Loki and conspiring with Reapers. From that point forward things go all kinds of crazy all around!

This is by far the worst situation Gwen has been thrown in so far. There a bunch of new characters appearing for the first time and we finally meet the rest of the Quinn family! Now whatever you have in mind about them, forget it!

I really like Oliver as a character! He is a really decent guy and I was soooo glad to see this opportunity to work things out for him! He was so hurt after everything with Kenzie and I'm glad to see him in a better place.

In every book so far I have confessed I have a crush on Logan! Also in every book so far I have mentioned he did at least one silly move when it came to his relationship with Gwen. Now why did I think this would finally change here? Nope, it didn't! All was well until it wasn't. Still, as the story moves forward and I can see his motives from Gwen's point of view with help from her gift I can grudgingly understand him. Still, up to that point he was his usual charming self! :D

I also love the way Gwen has grown, as has every other character, into a more confident, independent, kick-ass version of herself! With Vic at her side she can now kick some Reaper's butt anytime! Gwen is a real, down-to-earth, strong and proud person. I love seeing her strength in moments of crises and she didn't disappoint me yet again.

I've said before that Estep doesn't leave huge cliffhangers at the end of her books, but she kills the reader with her teasing first chapter from the next installment in the series. This she decided to negate me. Not that the first chapter wasn't frustratingly teasing, but the end of Crimson Frost left me aching for the next book as well!

There series where the books seem to drag on as they progress and the plot becomes stiff and tiring. In those books 500 pages feel neverending. Here I opened the book and when I raised my head from its pages 7 hours later it was over. And I wanted more! These books have that rare addictive quality to be read effortlessly in one go! It's one of the reasons I love them so much!

I really can't wait for Midnight Frost and I'll keep rechecking obsessively the release date. (Even though I know perfectly well when it is! :P) I'm not sure, but I think that'll be the last book...?? Feel free to correct me! I want more anyway! ;D

Sneak Peak : "The pain eploded in my chest even greater than before. I tried to open my mouth to say his name, but nothing came out, not even a whimper of hurt. My legs buckled, and I had one last thought before everything went dark.
Logan Quinn had killed me.

And now please feel free to freak out and don't leave me by my lonesome in freaking-out-land! :D
Lol! I am officialy a lost cause! :P