American Vampire

American Vampire - Jennifer Armintrout It really pisses me off when my connection fails while I'm trying to save a review!!! :(
So for those of you who haven't guessed that already, my review is gone! Too bad 'cause I thought it was a good one. :P
I am not in the mood to rewrite it right now so I might come back later and do it, but maybe I 'll forget so here goes the gist of it all!
The book was good, it went down easily, but it wasn't all that.
Jessa really got on my nerves, especially when she let her pig of an ex treat her like crap! I mean really, the guy marries your ex best friend, has children with her, while still coming around to have some with you, manhandles you drunk and humiliates you in front of the entire town, but you still think he is the love of your life??? Wake up girl! Dude is a d-bag!
What kind of name is Graf? Nevermind, Graf is a vampire! Now that was an honest take on vampires I can appreciate! He wants to eat, he kills the grabs the first convenient villager and has lunch! No remorse, no second thoughts, no bunnies! There was a scene towards the end of the book, where IT (IT is how they refer to the local monster... I know it's real original but bear with me.) throws a bunch of people at Graf 'cause he pissed it off, so he gets up, picks up a dead guy and throws him back! I laughed so hard while I was picturing this! I know the dead people should make me sad, but it was hilarious and the whole town was kind of cookoo! I mean they burned a 17 year old on a stake, 'cause they thought she was a witch!
So to rup it up it was good, but nothing wowing!