Iced: A Dani O'Malley Novel

Iced - Karen Marie Moning I LOVE THE COVER!!!!!! :D
It looks bad-ass like Dani!
I can't wait for the book to came out!!!!!!!

And here it goes! :D There won't be any big spoilers, unless you haven't read the fever series in which case you are on your own!
I was reluctant at first, seeing how ICED starts off right where Fever left things. Maybe it would have been better if it had been a few years later, let things cool down a bit first...
Dani has always been one of my favorite characters in the fever series. She has this thing where she completely makes you forget she's just 14 and then the next moment she gets uber-excited over something so simple and innocent that you wonder what kind of life she's led so far that made her into the tough cookie she is today. We already knew that Dani drew the short straw when it came to motherly figures... Neither her mom nor Rowena treated her well which has made her so guarded and reluctant to trust any "grown-ups".
The one thing that felt a bit weird in this was her age. Dani is just 14 and two of the male leads in this are a lot older! Ryodan so far has taken more of a mentor/boss role, Christian though is seriously creepy! That level of attention and intensity from men that much older is weird!
Christian was ok in the fever series. Not a particularly interesting character and certainly one of the whining ones, but it didn't bother me to read about him. Now reading about him turning all Unselie Prince crazy it kind of creeped me out! I think I could have done without reading from his PoV! His obsession with Dani is borderline psycho, if not over the line. Listening to him waxing poetically about his love for Dani and their "relationship" was freaky! But the real cookie came in the scene where he returned her sword to her! I was part creeped out and still laughing my butt out! :D He went totally MPD on Dani! Oh and as the story progressed he was seriously deteriorating!!! Up until a certain point he had some semblance of origin, but after he started shifting and got his wings he went all UP crazy! It makes V'lane look good! My only hope is that he's gonna become the villain and this was to show us he wasn't always like that. He ain't smart enough to be a villain though... What had me worried was that he knew about K'Vruck! That could be a problem!

“If you want me to tell you what to do to keep this place safe,” I say, “you better keep them safe.”
“I thought you were disgusted by the people that come to my club.”
“They’re still people.”
He presses the button again. “If you go outside, you will be killed. If you make noise, you will be sent outside. Don’t piss me off.”
Just like that, Chester’s goes completely silent.

That's Ryodan and Dani for you! I was intrigued by Ryodan ever since the fever series. He was Barrons' IYCGM guy and that by itself would have been enough, but he has this whole mysterious thing going for him that even though you don't like him it draws you in. He is ruthless, selfish and has no regard for anyone he doesn't consider useful. But he has his moments! :)
"You're distressing Dani. No one distresses Dani but me."
His dynamic with Dani was explosive! And I really liked their scenes together! They almost always cracked me up! To mention some rumors I heard about how Dani could be his daughter. It could be interesting, but it would take something from the story imo and I don't think Ryodan would ever let anything he considered his to be treated the way Rowena treated Dani! And who would he consider more as his than his own flesh and blood?
One of my favorite scenes was the one where Dani sees Mac and Barrons in the club and Ryodan figures out she has a crash on him! I laughed so hard with that scene! :D

“Ryodan doesn’t like Mac. He never has. She got between him and his best boy-bud. I give him a look. “I’ll tell you a secret, Ryodan. You mess with her, Barrons’ll kill you.” I drag a finger across my neck. “Just like that. You aren’t all that. Barrons’ll stomp your ass, hand’s down.”
He smiles faintly. “I’ll be damned. You have a crush on Barrons.”
“I do not have a crush—“
“You do, too. It’s all over your face. Anybody could see it.”
“Sometimes, boss, you’re just wrong.”
“I’m never wrong. You might as well take out a billboard. ‘Dani O’Malley thinks Jericho Barrons is hot.’ My offer to teach you is still open. Save you from future embarrassment. If I can see it on your face, he can, too. ”

“Dude, the bush is ready. Why you still beating around it?”
“I’ve lived a long time, kid, and I’ve never heard anyone mutilate the English language quite like you.”

Lor was freaking awesome in this book! He was always stirring things up and instigating ruckus! He is the perfect sidekick! :D

Lor points through the glass floor. “See that blonde down there with the big tits? I was about to get laid.”
“One, I’m too young to hear that kind of stuff, and two, I don’t see you carrying a club to knock her over the head with, so how were you going to accomplish that?”

“And Mega has a crush on Chester."
"I do not!"
"Do too, Mega."
"He's like, old!"
"How old, Christian says."
"Like at least thirty or something."
Lor laughs. " Fucking ancient, ain't it, kid?"
"Dude," I agree. I like Lor.”

Jo was one of the characters that got on my nerves the most! She was pretty much invisible in Fever, but here her presence was painfully annoying! She went in a few hours from sidhe-sheer to sidhe-sheep! And a lovestruck one at that! :P Personality zero! Doormat potential 10! PLEASE tell me she's gonna go soon! I can't handle her hanging around longterm!
Dancer had this adorable, hot nerd thing going that makes me really like him! He is an amazing friend to Dani, but it was implied in various parts of the book that there's more to him than meets the eye. Hope he doesn't turn out bad!
Last character I want to mention is Kat. I like how she is quiet and steady, but she stands up for her beliefs and her charges. The whole Cruce thing was screwed up, but I really really hope he doesn't get out! If he does I have no idea how they're gonna contain or kill him! He will be super powerful! Now the scene with Ryodan had me intrigued! How come she doesn't feel anything! Is it because of what he is or is he really that screwed up he has turned it off? Could use more of her insight on some of the characters!
Now as far as the ending is concerned it was bound to happen at some point and of course Moning place it at the very place that would make a good sort of cliffhanger. In the Fever series after book 2 every finale was as if the moment you tried to walk through a door that will take you somewhere you really want to go someone shuts the door in your face! Same feeling I had here! Nothing you can't handle though just a mild anticipation for the next book! :D
Overall I really enjoyed Dani and her adventures! I hope at some point the books will fast-forward and we'll see her in a few years!