Black Dawn: The Morganville Vampires

Black Dawn - Rachel Caine I feel cheated right now!!! I feel like I 've gone right back to the beginning and I have to start from scratch! :(

So when I started this book I was thinking there was nooo way Amelie was gonna die! Then everyone kept saying there was nothing they could do about it and suddenly I am a few chapters from the end and I am 99% sure that she 's gone! And then Caine pulls a trick I still don't get out of her hat and voila! one Amelie to go! Seriously if anyone understood how she survived please tell me! And as if that wasn't enough, now she is super weird! And she 's gone back to step one when it comes to human-vampire relations!

Furthermore, what was the deal with Myrnin in this book??? For a few books now I can't help thinking that the author is trying to make him look bad and I don't know why? He is one of my Favorites and I just don't get it!

Oh I also have a few questions!!! Are we back to looking for a brain for the machine??? Are Myrnin and Amelie gonna try take Claire's again? (Is this gonna be another attempt to make Myrnin less likable?) Are we back to the Morganville from the first few books? And did Claire actually quit being Myrnin's assistant or is that just something she said in anger?

I gave this book only 3 stars for two reasons. Reason 1: MYRNIN!!! Don't make a villain out of him!!! He 's always been the crazy scientist, but not the bad guy! Don't make him one now! Seriously, I won't like that at all!!!
Reason 2: The end was a bit slow and after reading 2 books about the draug I can't say they were my favorite villains so far... The end seemed a bit hastily written.