Northanger Alibi (Jane Austen Diaries) (The Jane Austen Diaries)

Northanger Alibi - Jenni James I don't know why I am reading this! Claire is kind of shallow and silly, but I want to finish it anyway... It must be a phase... :P

This chick had some serious issues! :P
I mean ok I like Vampire Academy, but I don't go around thinking every guy I meet is a Moroi, a Strigoi or a Dampir... And my perfect vacation are definitely not in Montana! No offense. :)
So Claire is a Twilight fan. Well, that's the understatement of the year! She 's more like obsessed with the books and the movies. So as you can imagine her dream vacation spot is Seattle as she hopes to meet her Edward there. And of course when hot, sweet and mysterious Tony appears the paranoia begins! Then out of the blue appears big, irresponsible and hot Jaden the "filthy werewolf". I admit there were some coincidences that appeared to match the books, but she waaay overdid it!
I haven't read Northanger Abbey and after reading this I have to admit I still have no idea what it's about!
This was more like Twilight fanfiction than anything else.