Dying Bites (The Bloodhound Files, Book 1)

Dying Bites - D.D. Barant As an introduction to a new series this was pretty good. I enjoyed listening to this and even though the narrators voice took a little getting used to I enjoyed her work with the book.
Jace has been pulled into another universe against her will. In this world vampires, wares and magic are all very real! Only you can't call them that 'cause it's apparently rude... Humans are considered an endanger species and only 1000000 of them remains. Now in order to get back home Jace has to help the NSA catch a crazy killer who murders wares and vamps in unusually gruesome ways and then uploads a video of it on the net. Jace though doesn't think the killings are random. Going from scene to scene she's trying to connect the dots and complete the mission that will send her home. In her quest though she finds out more about the people that "summoned" her and the world they live in. And then she has to pick her side...
I still haven't found a character I can relate with in the series, but it was a good book I enjoyed listening to.