Spark (Elemental)

Spark - Brigid Kemmerer I was prepared to say I liked this book more than the first and in some ways I guess I did, but in retrospect I think they were equals. With this book having the upper hand! :D
Gabriel and Layne had a chemistry I really enjoyed exploring. Laney had this innocence and freshness about her that made you root for her no matter what. Gabriel on the other hand had this emotional growth in this book which made me like him more than I had at first.
The arsonist on the loose was a nice touch especially with a main character that controls fire and has a tragic history with it.
This story felt more complete to me. It had beginning, middle and end and I was happy with every single one of those parts. I wanted to meet Nick more too, but the view of his twin through Gabriel's eyes was something I really enjoyed! Especially when he remembered pranks they had done to Michael and Chris or the scenes from when they were little and supported each other through every rough patch! It was really well written and touching.
The bromance that was going on between Gabriel and Hunter I hope will continue in the next book! :D Poor Hunter has nooo lack in the romantic department! Whether that is b-romance or romance! :D