Storm (Elemental)

Storm - Brigid Kemmerer This was good, but not as good as I expected. Still I can't give less than 4 stars because I did read it in 1 day... :D
Becca was a good character to read about. I wasn't exactly relating to her throughout the story, but still I could see where she was coming from. There were moments I wanted to shake some sense into her, but I held back for the sake of my e-reader. :P The only thing that bugged me a bit was that I figured out what she was pretty much immediately. I wanted a little more surprise.
Hunter made a good diversion! He really had me wondering for a bit there! I don't say about what, but if you've read it you already know so I don't need to! :)
I loved his dog! I can't say I love the guy, but the dog was awesome! (I want one!)
Chris I liked. He had a weird attitude sometimes and it took him forever to man up and spill the beans, but he was really sweat about the whole thing. (When he wasn't being a jerk! :P)
The best friend kind of pissed me off. The drama and the attitude and the skankiness through me off. When she stood up for Becs though I could see why Nick would like her. (The jury is still off on that pair...)

Anyways, this was a promising start to the series and I am already halfway through Spark!