Throne of Glass

The Assassin and the Princess - Sarah J. Maas I will definitelly be reading more on this series!!!
I loved the characters and the plot! This world is very promising and I can't wait to explore it further! The slow parts were few and easily ignored.
The only character I didn't love 100% was Dorian. I am not sure if that was the author's objective, but he didn't captivate me! He was just a charming pretty boy who liked to read, but I didn't see any depth and I can't deny I found him irritating sometimes. I really hope Chaol has a bigger part in the next book! There is chemistry between him and Celaena and I want to see more of it!
Now Celaena. Ah, what's not to love? She has super badass fighting skills, she can kill you ten different ways from here to Sunday and she reads! She's a tenatious character with a bite and she has a view of the world that I can respect, which is not a complement I can often offer a heroine... She went through hell during her childhood and then for a year she suffered slavery in the Salt Mines, but she still hasn't lost her spirit or her sense of self and does it all with a smile and a joke, which is something admirable for anyone!

I definitelly recommend this book!