The Marked (A Talents Novel) (Delcroix Academy)

The Marked - Inara Scott Dissapointed and bitter! I had higher hopes and expectations from this...

Now why did you have to go and do that, huh?
I read this book with half the enthousiasm I had for the first and I couldn't help finding it lacking for me. The story was good and the training scenes were interesting, but I missed Jack! I missed Jack waayy too much!
When he left in the end of The Candidates I knew that he would probably get involved in something like that, but not that they would make him into this! He's ruthless, cold and with scraps of remorse! I was never a huge fan of Cam. Yeah he's a good guy and all, but he's kind of flat, colorless... Jack had fire, humour and inteligence! Ok, he was a bit paranoid at times, but he was right most of the time! Now why would anyone do this to him???
This is not where I had pictured this storyline going and I don't mean it in the fun surprise kind of way either. Unless there are some serious changes in the next book (like for example Jack redeeming himself and coming back into the story as more than a guest star) I 'll be quiting this series!