Blood Before Sunrise (Shaede Assassin Series #2)

Blood Before Sunrise - Amanda Bonilla I am not that crazy about this book... :P

I read the first one as a buddy read with Ashleigh last December and I thought it had promise! The world was fun to read about and a couple of the main characters were really well written (eg Raif, Alexander, etc). Now D was this tortured thing in the first book, who still managed to pull through and survive. Her ordeals had made her skin thicker, but she still showed some wickness which made her more relatable. Now she's just annoying! She whines all the time and she says she trusts people, but then goes behind their backs and lies to their faces. When Tyler finally told her off I said 'Hallelujah! He finally grew a backbone!'.

I don't know if I 'll read the next book... Maybe if I'm in a really forgiving mood and find myself curious... Who knows?

P.S. I loved the weird senarios we made too Ash! That's probably the only reason I finished this! ;D