Blood Bound (An Unbound Novel)

Blood Bound (An Unbound Novel) - Rachel Vincent And I am oficially confused!
I liked the writing and the story was interesting enough to capture my interest, but the characters left something to be desired.
I feel really weird saying this, but I after finishing this I felt the most well-written character was Ruben. And that's just plain weird, at least for me.
I liked Liv, but even though I kept hearing that she was a woman with fire, I still can't see it. Cam was a contradiction for me. Usually I either like the male lead or I don't. With Cam I have yet to make up my mind. In the beggining I thought he was sweet, if a bit corny, then he started to piss me off and in the end there was an honest attempt to patch it up and turn him back to his previous sweet status. That didn't happen for me. I was just left feeling confused and a bit annoyed. If nothing of the above makes sense to you it's because I am still confused myself.
How bad is it that I kind of liked Michaella? She was the most straightforward character in the book in my opinion. She was the crazy wife of the sadistic and manipulative mobster. After marrying Cavazos I don't think she could have remained sane for long...! So I couldn't help feeling sorry for her. Except for the fact that she killed Elle ofcourse!
I 'll probably be reading the 2nd book in order to make up my mind.