Half-Blood: A Covenant Novel

Half-Blood - Jennifer L. Armentrout Now this book I had some serious trouble rating!
It reminded me waaaayyyyyy too much of VA!!!!!!
Where on VA you had moroi, strigoi and dampirs here there are pure-bloods, Daimons and Half-bloods.
Pures are direct descendants of gods and humans, they control one or two of the elements and with few exceptions they mainly are into politics and the like...
Halfs are the second generation descendants of the gods, offspring of pures and mortals, they got the smaller bonus package. Stronger, faster and with better senses than humans their duty is to guard and protect or to serve the pures.
Daimons are pures turned evil!
I won't get into details about the similarities between the two series but if you've read the books they are painfully obvious!
The book was not thrilling, but it wasn't bad either.
I will read the second book, just to see where this is going and I hope that it will be more original!