Pure: The Second Covenant Novel

Pure - Jennifer L. Armentrout I won't say that I didn't like it because I'd be lying. I can't say though that I don't have my reservations too.
The book's float is great and you can't get tired of reading it, but still I couldn't help comparing it with the same series I mentioned in my review of the previous book and find it lacking.
The characters have moments of greatness, but while I was reading I couldn't feel them growing, or changing or evolving. I still believe that the author is putting too many things in one book. That's fine if it's done properly and it can add to the suspense and flow of the book, but here something wasn't right for me. It seemed rushed again.
I will keep reading because I like the story, but I need something more that I just haven't seen yet from these books... I hope I 'll see it in the future.