Kindling the Moon (Arcadia Bell Series #1)

Kindling the Moon  - Jenn Bennett Arcadia the main character in the series is really likable and the plot is interesting with quite a few twists and turns.All in all it was a very nice book to read and one I would recomend!

So what can I tell without spoiling it...

The story takes place in the present in a world where demons are real, magicians exist and some demons who were bound in human bodies in the past have offsprings that still walk amongst. Arcadia is a bartender in a bar she ownes along with a friend. Seven years ago, after a series of murders that her parents were blamed for, they took Arcadia (whose real name was selene)and went on the run. Not long after that Arcadia parted ways with her parents to muddle their trail and they staged their death.
Arcadia is a unique magician because of her silver halo and her ability to see certain things normal people can't. Just as she's gotten used to her normal life everything changes when she receives an ultimatum from the group that hunted her parents after footage appears that places her family in America. Now she either has to prove their innocence or give herself up to the group that wants her dead. In her efforts Cady asks the help of a friend, Father Carrow, who leads her to a demonologist named Lon Buttler. Lon is a earthbound demon, but something about him is not right. Together the two are fighting against time to prove the innocence of her parents.

And that's pretty much all I can say without spoiling it any more!!!
Just one more thing! I loved JUPE!!!!! Jupe is Lon's 13 or 14 year old son and he is hillarious!!!!