Summoning the Night: An Arcadia Bell Novel

Summoning the Night - Jenn Bennett I think I said it again in the last review, but I'll say it again! I Love Jupe!!!! :D I know he is not the main main character, but he is the best! :D That kid always cracks me up! And now that he also has a kick-ass power... Watch out people! :D Arcadia was one of my favorite books last year and it was mainly because of Jupe!

Okay! :) So Jupe's knack appearing is a big part of this book, but a kidnapper from about 30 years ago is making a come back in La Serena and he is kidnapping Earthbound children once more!

I really enjoyed this book and I'll keep reading on the series!

PS: I want to see more of Hajo in the future! :D He's an interesting character to explore! Did the blackmail at the end actually work or are we past that now? Is it gonna affect the next book? And when is Yvonne gonna make an appearance? I hope it's coming up next! Oh man do I wanna see that one! ;D